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By now, everyone knows that just in time manufacturing and minimal inventory are requirements for business survival. Alonso Consulting provides a comparable service for application development. The days when a company could afford to have programming talent waiting around for a project to develop are long gone. Today’s aggressive business reality requires that the minimal inventory concept be applied to IT staffing. Alonso Consulting can provide this benefit to your company. We can provide the experienced project leadership and development skills that you need for application development on demand with no human resources issues or expenses and with guaranteed project completion. It is a 100% win for our customers.

Perhaps the most important part of deciding to use one vendor over a competing one is experience. Employees at Alonso Consulting have decades of experience delivering applications in a variety of technologies and for a variety of platforms. These include PC based applications for simple tasks like customer relationship management and sales bonus processing to more complex client server applications that can be used to run all the business processes of a small business. We have been hired to write applications that are used for distributing data to customers through CD-ROMs and lately, and more often, to distribute information through the Internet. Our web based experience includes applications for processing credit card transactions, shopping carts, tracking shipments and for distributing competitive intelligence data for a market research firm. The competitive intelligence application is global in nature and includes capabilities like ad hoc data requests, currency conversion to euros and yens as well as multi level security.

Our application development is coupled with serious project management and back end database development. The foundation of any serious application is an excellent database design. Our team can provide you with a completely functional and tested database that provides your project with the solid footing that is required for success. This coupled with our experienced project management, will ensure that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Although these are claims made by many vendors, we will actually deliver on this claim and will put it in writing.

Using Alonso Consulting provides you with the resources that you need for a given project at the exact time that you have that need. This provides you with flexibility and gives you a cost and risk advantage over competitors. You can choose to have Alonso Consulting develop your application off site and eliminate the need to supervise staff and to have any on site insurance risks. Conversely, you can have our people work at your site and you can closely monitor the progress and tweak the direction of the project as your business requirements change.

Fixed Price vs. Time
With Alonso Consulting, you can also choose whether your project will be billed as a fixed price or as a time and materials project. They each have their advantages and we will let you decide which way you would like to pay for your project. We typically execute fixed price projects off site and time and materials based projects on site. Depending on the project and the client, we can alter this and produce your project either at your location or ours using either type of payment method. The fixed price, off site method carries the least amount of risk to our clients since they know what they will be paying for the project at the outset. We will provide you with the same quality service whether it is on site or off site. This service includes a primary contact at Alonso Consulting and experienced project management.

Alonso Consulting typically meets with a prospective client several times to establish the overall needs. These meetings are followed up with a comprehensive proposal that includes a timeline for completion, a suggestion for staffing size and skill sets, a named project leader and contact person at Alonso Consulting and a price based on knowledge of the project at the time. The next step is to gather requirements and come up with a solid and guaranteed timeline for implementation. Alonso Consulting requires that a single point of contact be established at the client site as well. This simplifies the communications process and does not put the firm in the position of sifting through conflicting requirements from multiple client contacts.

Once the project is awarded to Alonso Consulting, we provide the talent that is required to execute the plan. This talent includes people with experience in similar projects and programmers with the required programming language and operating environment experience. Ninety percent of the time, the talent is available from Alonso Consulting employees. Subcontractors that have been employees in the past or who are known for the quality of their work and discipline fill the remaining 10% of the staffing needs.

Choose Alonso Consulting
There are many vendors for your application needs. There are even firms that will develop your application off shore and claim to save you money. The truth is that choosing a vendor is a complicated decision that involves looking for the right talent, track record, communications skills and proximity to your location. Alonso Consulting employees all have excellent records of accomplishment. Each employee has delivered complex solutions and has interacted intensively with customers. We all have excellent communications skills and we are available in the United States to meet with you and work with you on a daily basis. We also have the client references to prove it. If you choose us for your development needs, you will be 100% satisfied.


Experience with major projects at major companies
Client applications
Client/Server applications
Web-based applications
Global applications with currency conversion
Web-based service applications
Database design and implementation
Technical resources when you need them
Skills that are cutting edge without the on going costs
Project based implementation
Off site development
Fixed price
Low risk
Time and materials implementation
On site development
Project leadership by either the client or us
On site implementation
Close supervision of project
Pay by the hour
Attend pre project meetings and provide client with a proposal
Gather requirements
Provide a timeline for implementation
Provide a project leader
Provide programming talent
Interact with end-users and management on a regular basis
Provide change request forms
Deliver the correct solution on time and within budget
Provide follow up training, support and maintenance as needed
























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