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Please select a technology below to find out how Alonso Consulting can help you get your business get on track.

Our support packages will provide you with skills that would be otherwise costly to acquire and maintain. Our technical professionals are well versed in the latest technologies and have implementations in real-world situations across the country. In fact, our successes are so many, they are impractical to list here.

Alonso Consulting's comprehensive hosting services can include web site, e mail and data hosting. You decide which services you need and we provide them at our location with state of the art hardware and connectivity.

Alonso Consulting has the right tools, the experience and expertise to deliver the kind of web site that will represent the caliber of your business. We do this through a customer-centric approach that includes several steps.

Alonso Consulting network installation services begin with carefully listening to your needs and then providing a comprehensive plan that will enable you to obtain all the benefits of installing a business network while minimizing your costs. What distinguishes us from other vendors in this area is that we are not tied to any particular hardware or software vendor. We will make the recommendation that makes the most sense for you.

Alonso Consulting can analyze your disaster risks and provide you with a planned response to them. In addition, we can help you implement a plan that makes sense for your company based on needs and budget constraints. With potential threats such as power outages, virus attacks, hacker attacks, hurricanes and the many others it does not make sense not to evaluate your risk factors and to have a plan for keeping your data safe, your applications available and even having an off-site office location. Your business continuity depends on it.

The days when a company could afford to have programming talent waiting around for a project to develop are long gone. Today’s aggressive business reality requires that the minimal inventory concept be applied to IT staffing. Alonso Consulting can provide the experienced project leadership and development skills that you need for application development on demand with guaranteed project completion. It is a 100% win for our customers.

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