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Alonso Consulting recognizes that a web page is often the first marketing material that anyone sees about your business. We also recognize that web pages are a 24/7 medium that allows prospective customers, vendors and employees to see your company locally, nationally and even internationally. This exposure, along with the low cost involved in creating a web site and hosting it, makes web sites easily the most justifiable marketing expense for a business. It is an unobstructed message delivered by you in a creative and useful way.

Web sites are the most cost effective form of advertising. They are always available, inexpensive, and easy to change. For example, you might update your site when you have a new offer, a new hire or some other newsworthy event. Web sites can also bring customers to you that would otherwise be unaware of your business. Sites can be used to deliver valuable information like business hours, special packages offered by your business, phone numbers to use for customer service, directions and maps to your location—in short, the list is endless.

Web sites are also the least expensive way to sell your products. Your customer chooses the merchandise, enters their information for your customer files and then pays on line. There are no sales people or data entry people to pay. In some cases, you do not even need inventory. What could be easier?

Anyone with a word processing program and minimal skills in uploading data to a remote server can put up a web site. Unfortunately when you try this do it yourself approach, you typically are left with undesirable results. It is like trying to paint the exterior of your car without the right tools or any idea of what types of paint to use on different materials—you can do it, but you would not be very happy driving the car around afterwards.

Alonso Consulting has the right tools, the experience and expertise to deliver the kind of web site that will represent the caliber of your business. We do this through a customer-centric approach that includes several steps. These are:

Gathering requirements and goals
Collecting publicly available information on competitors
Creating sharp, business tailored designs
Review meetings to ensure a perfect match with your needs and goals

Our approach includes a process to ensure that the creative design is appropriate for your business and to give you a competitive edge in your market. This approach also includes a review by our technicians to make sure that the design is not lacking any technical requirements and that it will function optimally with the technology employed on the hosting server. An important aspect of this approach is that you will be working with members of our team on a one to one basis. We do not sell an automated process or template based web site, but instead, one created by people for people.

An additional service that we offer after the technical review is search engine optimization. This process requires that the web site be tested for keyword placement, which corresponds with keywords that your prospective visitors may enter into a search engine.

Perhaps the most important fact to convey about Alonso Consulting’s web design services is that our goal is to increase your sales opportunities and attract new customers to your business.

Once we design a site for you, the relationship does not have to end there. We also offer comprehensive hosting plans that are very affordable. Please look at the information on hosting elsewhere on this site.

Please call us for a free introductory visit. We will be glad to discuss what we can do for you.



Process based design
Creative design
Business impact analysis
Technical review
Client centric approach
One-on-one meetings to gather requirements
Ten or more initial designs to
choose from
Review meetings until web site is ready
High quality stock images at reasonable prices
Custom photography services
Digital image enhancement
Search engine optimization
Interactive form creation
Flash based animations to maximize
your business message
SSL security to protect and encrypt sensitive information
Secure interfaces for online credit card payments
National and international exposure for your business
Years of proven business experience
Reputation of exceeding client expectations
Broad range of experience across industries
Gather information about your business
Discuss your business goals and needs
Review existing marketing
Examine competitor’s web sites
Create ten original designs geared specifically to your individual needs—not generic templates
Apply selected design to entire site
Select appropriate images
Photograph business site or parts as needed
Enhance digital images electronically
Create Flash animations
Design the web pages with popular
search engines in mind for search optimization
Apply proven design techniques to
ensure quick loading web sites
Create versions of web site in foreign languages where appropriate
Create forms for RFPs, payment, employment and other purposes


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