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Alonso Consulting provides comprehensive hosting services. These services can include web site, e-mail and data hosting. You decide which services you need and we provide them at our location with state of the art hardware and connectivity. Unlike other providers, our hosting site is in our building where we can monitor the equipment and make changes as required by our customers. We employ skilled technicians and tools that monitor server up time, bandwidth usage and other server health issues.

Our service begins with helping you find the correct domain name for your firm or with our transferring an existing domain from another firm. After we transfer the domain to our registrar, we configure the domain to point to a server in our office where your web site and your e-mail have been pre-configured. We will also configure access to enable your staff to make changes and upload and download files to your site using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Alonso Consulting then provides ongoing maintenance for your web site and e-mail configuration. Our ongoing services include real time virus protection, SPAM filtering and nightly backups. Our most popular service, however, is live telephone support. Unlike other hosting services, when we provide a phone number that you can call to add e-mail addresses or aliases it is a live person that responds and facilitates your request. This person is then responsible for making sure that your needs are handled quickly and professionally.

We typically take less than 15 minutes to add e-mail addresses. This is the service advantage that sets Alonso Consulting apart from the more generic services that are available on the Internet.

Four Hosting Plans
Alonso Consulting offers four standard plans with the option to add features as needed. All four plans include live telephone support, virus and SPAM removal and nightly backups. Your business presence on the Internet is handled professionally, regardless of the plan chosen.

Live Web
Our Live Web plan is limited to web site hosting. We will help you obtain a domain name (yourname.com) or transfer an existing one to us. We will then copy your web site from your current provider and set it up on one of our virtual servers. Once these steps are completed, your web site will be visible on the Internet.

We then begin monitoring your site, protecting it from intrusion and safely storing backups on tape. We will also provide you with access to the site so that you can make changes. Changes can be made using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can request that we make small updates for you. Any major changes to your site will be handled as a service request for web development.

Live Web Plus
Alonso Consulting’s Live Web Plus plan includes all the features you get with the Live Web plan. The difference is that you also receive e-mail hosting. This hosting includes unlimited e-mail addresses and unlimited e-mail aliases. The benefit to your business is that you can have an e-mail address for each person in your company as well as each function. Here are some examples that illustrate the point:


There is a significant and easily recognizable marketing advantage to using an email address which points to your domain name instead of a generic domain like aol.com. Using aliases further enhances the advantage by allowing you to have generic addresses such as info@yourdomain.com through which customers, vendors and potential employees can contact your staff without knowing exact names.

Live Web Plus includes three ways to access your e-mail. These three ways are POP3, IMAP4 and web-based mail. You can use the POP3 functionality to download your mail to an e-mail client like Outlook Express or Outlook. IMAP4 is used for the same purpose, but also provides the ability to use a folder structure for saved e-mails. The web based interface allows you to read and send e-mails from a browser anywhere in the world. All three methods require a user name and password for security.

Live Web Professional
The Live Web Professional plan provides web site hosting, e-mail hosting, and adds database connectivity. All of the e-mail functionality that Live Web Plus provides is included in this plan. High end web sites that store information that customers enter or that collect or display data require the professional database connectivity that is provided in this plan. This connectivity can be configured to any of the popular database file formats or engines. We have web sites configured with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server as well as other file based and engine based database tools. Please contact us with your specific needs.

We can also configure secure access to your site using SSL certificates. This will allow your visitors to enter information securely on the Internet without fear of data interception.

Live Web Enterprise
Alonso Consulting’s Live Web Enterprise plan includes web site hosting, e-mail hosting, database connectivity, SSL security and a dedicated server. You can choose to use hardware provided by us or you can use your own hardware. Similarly, you can elect to have us manage your server or you can remotely manage it yourself.

This plan is ideally suited for a customer that has very unique software or security requirements. These requirements may include a very specific configuration for a database server or complete control of the server for the installation of web services or other code that is important to the site.

We are flexible enough that we can provide you with space for your server in one of our racks or can provide you with a private locked room for your equipment. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Flexible Payment Plans
You can choose to pay for your hosting in one up front payment for a year or pay monthly. If you pay for a year in advance, an additional 10% discount will be applied to your invoice. Either payment plan allows you to pay via check after receiving an invoice or through a credit or debit card.

Industrial strength web hosting, e-mail hosting and data hosting  
High speed Internet connectivity  
Dual connection to the Internet  
Live telephone support from a dedicated customer service representative  
Virus and SPAM removal  
Support for most web based languages and database back ends  
Web-based e-mail accessible anywhere  
Unlimited e-mail accounts  
Unlimited aliases for your e-mail addresses
Planning and guidance      
Domain registration and DNS setup      
Unlimited aliases for your e-mail addresses
Transfer an existing domain
Set up your web site and e-mail  
Search engine optimization  
Provide proactive maintenance  
Nightly backups
Real-time virus and SPAM removal
POP3, IMAP and web based e-mail access  
Outlook and Outlook Express support
FTP access as needed  
Database connectivity  
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
Security provided at our facility  
Fire and burglar alarms
Dedicated, virtual or owned servers  




































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