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Alonso Consulting network installation services begin with carefully listening to your needs and then providing a comprehensive plan that will enable you to obtain all the benefits of installing a business network while minimizing your costs. We will provide you with our recommendations for the necessary hardware and software. You decide whether you want a single point of contact or would like to order the equipment directly from vendors. Regardless of your decision, we provide the planning, installation, configuration and follow up service. What distinguishes us from other vendors in this area is that we are not tied to any particular hardware or software vendor. We will make the recommendation that makes the most sense for you.

Our recommendations typically include a server that can handle your data volume and application needs. This server does not need to be the most expensive machine available, but instead one that is a perfect fit for your needs. Backup and anti-virus protection is critical to your business continuity and therefore is always included in our recommendations. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff and can install and configure Microsoft networks optimally. In addition to these skills, we have developed considerable skills in installing and configuring Linux based networks. Linux networks typically save you money up-front, but can be more difficult to administer. However, we can help you with either type of network.

Ready to Run
When you choose Alonso Consulting, you can be assured that most of the work will be done off-site to minimize business disruption. We will order and configure the server at our location and deliver it to your office with the operating system, backup and any other application software installed and ready to run. The only services that need to be performed at your location are wiring and the configuration of your personal computers to connect the new server.

We can install a traditional wired network using the type of wiring you specify or at least one that meets the Category 5e standard. We will run the wires within your walls and install wall plates. In addition to the end positions at each desk, we will install a professional patch panel near your server from which your hub or switch can be connected. All installed wiring is tested to make sure that it is working and is up to standards. The whole process is typically completed in a day by our technicians.

Wireless Networks
Sometimes, it makes more sense to install a wireless network. You may have a staff that moves around quite a bit or does not spend the majority of its time in the same desk at the office. A typical example of this is a sales force. For these types of individuals or for temporary office space, it is often better to create a secure wireless network. Alonso Consulting has the expertise to create these types of networks and to harden them from outside access and abuse. We can also configure PCs and notebooks to connect to the network automatically when your employees are in the office. Setting up this type of network typically saves your company money by eliminating the cost of wiring.

On-site Services
Once the server is ready and the wiring or wireless router is in place, Alonso Consulting will install the server at your location. This installation will include configuring all PCs and notebook computers to access the server. Server access is not limited to logging on, but also to connecting to shared resources like printers, shared data and shared applications. We will also make sure that maintenance procedures are started and that at least one person is trained on performing backups and performing preliminary troubleshooting. The backup procedures will include nightly backups onto tapes.

The server will be tested for Internet connectivity (provided you have chosen to have this kind of access) and will be configured to automatically download virus definitions so that the scanning software will automatically protect your investment. If you have chosen an e-mail solution, we will also test the e-mail server and make sure that it can send and receive e-mail internally and across the Internet. These tests will also be performed at the PCs and notebooks that are connected to the network.

Follow Up Services
Once all the hardware and software is set up, Alonso Consulting personnel will provide optional training. We perform this training on-site and can provide two levels of training. One level of training is for a network administrator that will be responsible for the smooth operation of the network and the other level of training is for end users in your organization. You decide which level of training you need. We often provide both levels of training to our clients. This typically results in better utilization of the network resources and a better experience for the end users overall.

In addition to the training, we can provide you with comprehensive technical support. These services are typically handled by a separate agreement. You can read more about this service by clicking here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your networking needs. We have the experience and references to prove it. You will be 100% satisfied with our service.

Guidance in sharing expensive peripherals like color printers and plotters
Planning to provide you with optimal and secure file sharing
Secure and reliable connections to the Internet
Implementation of company-wide e-mail solutions
Configuration of software applications to maximize safety by taking advantage of network backup systems
Set up of applications to allow collaboration on projects and documents
Planning and guidance to create user accounts and groups that make sense to your business and provide security for your documents
Provide recommendations on the hardware
Server configuration based on needs and funding available
Backup solution to go with server
Provide recommendations on the server software
Microsoft-based solutions
Linux-based solutions
Order, configure the server off-site to minimize disruptions to your business
If needed, we will wire your office for networking using qualified personnel
All wiring is tested and certified to work
If preferred, we can set up a secure wireless network that avoids the costs of installing wiring and provides you with additional flexibility
Installation of server at your site
Configuration of all PCs to communicate with the server
Implementation of maintenance procedures
Nightly backups
Virus scanning and automated virus signature downloads
On-going support plan



















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