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Alonso Consulting can analyze your disaster risks and provide you with a planned response to the risks. In addition to this analysis and documentation, we can help you implement a plan that makes sense for your company based on needs and budget constraints. There are many types of disasters. The 2005 flooding in New Orleans is just one example. Other potential threats are: power outages, software errors, virus attacks, hacker attacks, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, theft, and even terrorism. With these types of threats, and the many others that are present in the current business environment, it does not make sense not to evaluate your risk factors and to have a plan for keeping your data safe, your applications available and even having an off-site office location. Your business continuity depends on it.

Alonso Consulting has analyzed the IT infrastructure of several companies. Our reports and analysis have been used as due diligence by venture capital firms evaluating whether to acquire firms. These analytical skills will be applied to your business to discover what the business continuity weaknesses are and to provide recommendations as to how to address them within your budget.

Off-site Backup and Tape Storage
In addition to pure analysis and reporting, we have also implemented disaster recovery plans for many of our clients. We have set up several small clients with disk space on our servers. The process involves executing a comprehensive on-site backup of their data and then nightly backups of their changed data to our servers using the Internet. Although this is a simple method of ensuring that data is safe, it has proved effective several times. Clients have called and asked for specific files that they have inadvertently corrupted. We have e-mailed the file or provided the clients with a means of downloading the files through an SSL (secure) connection. These requests have been typically fulfilled within minutes.

Another inexpensive method of ensuring business continuity is to store backup tapes at an off-site location. Alonso Consulting provides this service to several clients. Alonso Consulting picks up the tapes and stores them at our headquarters location in Fairfield, NJ. Or our office in Las Vegas, NV.

Off-Site Server
Alonso Consulting also provides off-site server hosting for disaster recovery. This type of service makes it possible to have the same brand of server that you have at your office, the same configuration, same applications and to also have a duplicate of your data on it. This provides a very safe environment for your business. You can move that server to a new location within hours in an emergency. You can also control the server remotely and keep your own passwords to it. We make sure that the environment that hosts the server is physically safe, under video surveillance, and that technical support is available when you need it. We also provide high speed and reliable Internet connectivity. Several mid-size clients have selected this as their ideal disaster recovery solution.

Short Term Office Space
In addition to planning, guidance, data, and server hosting, Alonso Consulting can execute a contract with your company for short term office space. Our facility is large enough that it can accommodate key staff during an emergency. We can provide you with desks, phones, computers, and connectivity to the off-site server that you have hosted at our location for up to a month.

Other Services
You can use Alonso Consulting even if you would like to pursue other types of disaster recovery plans. We have clients that have set up machines in their homes as an inexpensive way of securing their business data against potential threats. Since we are external to your organization, we can provide an objective view of your needs and can provide you with a report of our findings. You can then decide what you will do with these findings. Alonso Consulting can also provide you with on site technical staff to help you implement some other custom plan that you have elected to execute.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your disaster recovery needs. We have the experience and references to prove it. You will be 100% satisfied with our service.

Data protection in case of major catastrophe
Off-site backup of important files
Server preconfigured with important applications
Business continuity with off-site server
Server you can plug into new location and work immediately
Data protection against less catastrophic events
Virus attacks
Network failure
Plans tailored to your needs
Planning and guidance from a staff with experience evaluating risk factors and
the viability of IT infrastructure
Provide a plan to exactly match your needs and budget
Data backup over the Internet to your off site server or ours
Off-site tape storage
Off-site pre-configured server
Physical short-term office space at our location
Provide recommendations on the hardware and software required
Analyze needs for disaster recovery
Needs are balanced with budget realities
Analyze the bandwidth requirements or logistical requirements of moving tapes from your location to ours
Planning and guidance to evaluate risks and potential responses
Documents outlining responses to
Make staff available to help with a disaster

















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